“Creative use of staffing, grouping, one-to-one support, alterations to the curriculum and personalised programmes are all contributing to accelerated progress.” OfSTED 2013
“The rate of progress for students in Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 is accelerating, so they are making similar and sometimes better progress than students nationally.” OfSTED 2013
“Disabled students and those with special educational needs are well looked after and are making similar progress to their peers.” OfSTED 2013
“Much of the teaching is good and some is outstanding.” OfSTED 2013
“In the best lessons expectations are high and the teacher uses information from assessment to provide different work for students of different abilities.” OfSTED 2013
“There is a consistently applied and regular system for providing feedback to students, who are expected to respond to the advice and comments the teacher makes. Students say that this dialogue is helping them to know how to improve.” OfSTED 2013
“Students whose circumstances may make them vulnerable are helped to overcome their difficulties by the support provided by other adults.” OfSTED 2013
“The biggest challenge for senior leaders has been to make clear their authority and expectations of students’ behaviour. They have trained teachers to manage behaviour in a professional, fair, firm and consistent way, so that students respond positively. This has been exceptionally successful.” OfSTED 2013
“The genial but constant staff presence in corridors encourages a warm and cooperative atmosphere.” OfSTED 2013
“Disruptions to lessons are rare.” OfSTED 2013
“The conditions for teaching and learning are good and little time is wasted.” OfSTED 2013
“The new pastoral system, with mixed age tutor groups and communities based on the themes of respect, friendship and excellence, and a regular focus in assemblies on celebrating success and valuing effort are both helping to raise self-esteem.” OfSTED 2013
“Girls report that there is always someone to talk to if they have concerns.” OfSTED 2013
“The academy’s leaders have successfully halted the decline of the predecessor school and have made their high expectations explicit to the whole academy community.” OfSTED 2013
“Aspirations are rising and there is a tangible sense of optimism and purpose.” OfSTED 2013
“There is no complacency.” OfSTED 2013
“Parents from all year groups have already been asked for their views about the new academy and are overwhelmingly positive.” OfSTED 2013

Hello. It is my privilege to welcome you to the Bath Community Academy website.  This new coeducational academy is building towards becoming Outstanding in every area in order to maximise the educational experience and achievement of each student. We underpin all we do with a belief in three values:  Respect, Friendship and Excellence.  You will discover this ethos in every corridor and classroom as students pursue their potential with vigour.  I hope you find what you are looking for on the website however please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more info or would like to visit the academy: you are very welcome at any time.

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