The recent examination outcomes have shown a rapid overall improvement, particularly in English and mathematics. Ofsted 2014
The academy has in place strong systems to make sure that students know how well they are doing and what they need to do to improve. Ofsted 2014
The academy provides clear and motivating messages, a carefully constructed plan for the work that students do, and good guidance. Ofsted 2014
The Principal is highly effective in leading the improvement of the academy. The actions of the Principal and other academy leaders are having a direct impact on improving achievement. They have taken effective steps to tackle long-standing difficulties. Ofsted 2014
Subject leaders and other staff with whole-academy responsibilities work effectively as a team to tackle weaknesses and build on the academy’s emerging strengths. Ofsted 2014
The collective action taken by the academy leadership is building the confidence that parents and other community members have in the quality of the education it provides. Ofsted 2014
The academy has in place a thorough system of self-evaluation that is used effectively to check whether plans for improvement are working. Ofsted 2014
Students receive good guidance on making choices about their future and they are given direct help to take the next steps in their learning. Ofsted 2014
The positive and well-organised actions taken by the special educational needs coordinator have made sure that students with educational needs are now making better progress. Ofsted 2014
It successfully encourages students to be reflective, considerate, and know the difference between right and wrong. It fosters interest in, and respect for, others’ faiths, cultures and beliefs. Ofsted 2014
The collaborative work of the federation has provided the academy with the structure and resources needed to rapidly improve historically poor outcomes. Ofsted 2014
the strong actions taken by managers have almost eliminated disruptive behaviour and improved the opportunity students have to learn. Ofsted 2014
Outside lessons, students are supported by an effective and visible staff presence around the academy. They behave well and are safe. Ofsted 2014
Teachers use the academy’s systems for giving feedback to students consistently and well. Students know how well they are doing in each subject and they know what they need to do to improve their progress. Ofsted 2014
Teachers make good links between the work that students do and the way that examinations are marked. They help them understand what they need to do to prepare for examinations, and the differences between examination grades. Ofsted 2014
Staff encourage students to keep their work in neat, well-presented books. This is supporting them well to take a pride in their achievements and helping them to learn. Ofsted 2014
The outcomes for disadvantaged students in GCSE examinations improved in 2014, closing the gap between their attainment and the attainment of similar students nationally. Students with special educational needs are now making better progress than in previous years. Ofsted 2014
The academy is taking action to remove the blocks to achievement that exist through a lack of students’ literacy skills, poor attendance and distracted behaviour in lessons. That action is starting to improve the outcomes for students. Ofsted 2014
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Chris Hall editedWelcome to Bath Community Academy.  It is my pleasure and honour to introduce you to this vibrant academy where students from all backgrounds and starting points enjoy learning in an environment of growth and belief.

Our aim is for all students to realise, pursue and achieve their full potential, enabling them to thrive as adults.  Our ethos is based around our community structure where each child is supported by a team of dedicated and experienced staff.  With these Community names (Respect, Friendship and Excellence) our values are intrinsically linked to our structures and to everything we do.Students of all abilities are successful at BCA as we take pride in ensuring students are educated in a safe environment with no limits placed upon their experience and outcomes.  98% of parents who send their child to BCA would recommend the academy to another parent.  This statistic testifies of the commitment and dedication to the needs of each individual child and we invite you to come and look around the academy at any time to discover more about this for yourself.

Please browse our website in order to learn more about the diverse experiences enjoyed by students each week (fixtures, Community Day, reward tokens, homework, extended learning, Project Phoenix, etc) and feel free to request further information about any aspect.  I hope to meet you one day and to join with you in achieving our aim for all students.

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