Tutors 2016/2017

Students will be organised into vertical communities; this is where they will meet with students of all other ages for a small part of each day during which time they will attend assemblies and engage in other group activities designed at developing their wider personal skills.

Respect Community

Community Leader:  Leila Pickering
Deputy Community Leaders:  Simon O’Callaghan, Nick Harrison & Alison Hood


R1: Grace Taylor
R2: Clare Weatherall
R3: Nick Harrison
R4: Mark Huxley
R5: Greig Seavill
R6: Jessica Chaplin
R7: Simon O’Callaghan

Friendship Community

Community Leader: Lee Bailey
Deputy Community Leaders: Jake Dixon, Nina Keyford and Mark Gunning


F1: Anna Jones
F2: Helen Tatlock
F3: Alison Bingham
F4: Lee Baines
F5: Steve Hewett
F6: Steve Nicholls
F7: Mark Gunning

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