During normal school hours, or when participating in a school organised event, BCA students are expected to wear uniform in line with the below information. These standardised clothing expectations are in place to remove concerns and distractions associated with clothing and fashion as well as to maintain the safety of all students.

Any parent/carer having genuine difficulty providing items of Academy clothing should contact the Principal in confidence to establish if financial support might be available.

We are sensitive to the need to adapt our uniform occasionally to meet the requirements of religious observance.

For clarification on any issue relating to our Uniform and Clothing Policy, please contact the Principal.

Years 711

Students in Years 7‐11 are expected to wear the Academy uniform which is comfortable, informal and in keeping with a modern school.

Items other than those listed in the uniform list should not be worn.

Denim (of any colour) should not be worn as any part of the Academy uniform.

Uniform should at all times be smart and in a good state of repair as described below:

  • White shirt (short or long sleeved)
  • Bath Community Academy tie. *
  • Bath Community Academy V-necked jumper with embroidered logo*
  • Smart black full length school trousers (no denim or leggings)
  • Plain, and exclusively black, shoes or trainers

* These items are only available to purchase from BCA Reception, during term time school hours.

The following points of clarification should be noted:

  • Polo shirts should only be worn for PE
  • Religious clothing (such as a head scarf) should be plain black
  • Students are allowed to wear a wrist watch and a maximum of one pair of small, plain stud earrings in the lobe of the ear
  • Sandals, of any type, and backless shoes should not be worn
  • Hair should be neat, tidy and safe. We reserve the right to ask students to change extreme hair styles or hair colour
  • Students are discouraged from having a tattoo until they are at least 18 years of age. Students choosing to wear a tattoo must do so in a discreet place on their body which cannot be seen when wearing the Academy uniform
  • Girls may only wear a discreet amount of make-up
  • No clothing should be ripped, faded, baggy or scruffy
  • Any outer clothing worn to or from the Academy, as well as outside at break or lunch time, must not present any offensive wording or image

PE clothing should only be worn during PE lessons. PE clothing consists of:

  • Multipurpose reversible long-sleeved sports top with Academy logo*
  • Sports Polo Shirt with Academy logo*
  • Black Shorts
  • Black tracksuit bottoms / leggings required for Outdoor and Adventurous Activities.
  • White Ankle Socks
  • Multi purpose trainers
  • Swimming costume / trunks
  • Towel


  • Football boots (no metal blades)**
  • Black football socks for outdoor / team sports
  • Goggles for swimming

* These items are only available to purchase from BCA Reception, during term time school hours.

**Rugby/football is not a compulsory element of the curriculum, and so may not be needed. Unless your son / daughter opts to be involved in the football/rugby lessons and clubs or KS4 PE.

In the event of pupils forgetting their kit, they will be offered some kit from the PE Department to allow them to take part in lessons. If they have a note excusing them from PE for medical reasons, an appropriate alternative role will be found for them, allowing them to continue to learn.

Students will sometimes participate in activities which will result in their clothing and footwear becoming dirty, wet and muddy. We recommend students wear old trainers/footwear for adventurous activities. Your child can collect a copy of the PE timetable from the PE department to see what they will be doing in lessons.

The prices for garments will be as follows:

Tie £3
V Neck Jumper £8
Sports Polo Top £6
Sports Outdoor Top £9
Skort £7



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